Premium Dinner Rolls:
Hawaiian, Pandesal
Raisin, Pan de Leche

Famous Hawaiian 20pk Rolls
Surf is up!

The sweet dinner rolls
for any occasion!
Butter? Of course.

The best Seller in Rolls
and for a reason

12 x 18oz UPC: 0-88919-82084-1
CS=15lbs UPC: 0-88919-82085-8

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 Pan de Leche Rolls
 12pk Spanish Milk Bread

 In Spain, served for breakfast
 or afternoon breaks
 Eat with espresso, or tea

 Also good with butter
 and of course, orange jam

 12 x 16oz UPC: 0-88919-82080-3
 CS=14lbs UPC: 0-88919-82082-7

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 Filipino Pandesal Rolls
 Eat like in the Philippines

 Eaten anytime, but not for
 dinner, is that the rule?
 Well, we allow it !


 12 x 16oz UPC: 0-88919-82079-7
 CS=14lbs UPC: 0-88919-82081-0

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 Sweet-Raisin Rolls
 Vietnamese or French?

 Made with evaperated milk
 to make it creamier.
 Butter & Apricot for extra flavor


 12 x 16oz UPC: 0-88919-82086-5
 CS=14lbs UPC: 0-88919-82087-2

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Div. Inorex Inc
23636 104th Ave SE
Kent, WA 98031

Box Size: 24.5x16.5x8.5
Cube Ft 2.0
5L x 7H
Mix & Match


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