Premium Dinner Rolls:
Julekake, Brioche,
Cardamom & Hot Cross Bun

French Chocolate Brioche Rolls
6pk Choco-Butter Heaven

Our French baker broke the bank
on this one: Lots of butter
and chocolate chips to top it!

Eat like this, or add jam?
Milk! That's what is needed!

24 x 12oz UPC: 0-88919-82151-0
CS=19lbs UPC: 0-88919-82201-2

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 Swedish Cardamom Rolls
 with Raisins

 Famous Swedish Dinner Rolls
 Also great at tea time.

 Enjoy with glass of milk.
 Don't eat the whole loaf!

 24 x 12oz UPC: 0-88919-82148-0
 CS=19lbs UPC: 0-88919-82220-3

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Scandinavian Julekake Rolls
Fruit & Cardamon

Best with butter and honey
or naked on the way home
from the supermarket !

Is it Norwegian or Swedish?
Forus, it's "Scandinavian!"

24 x 12oz UPC: 0-88919-88040-1
CS=19lbs UPC: 0-88919-82218-0

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 Hot Cross Bun
 A Seasonal Treat!

 Another Scandinavian specialty
 Eastern or not, enjoy!
 And not just for Dinner.

 Made for you in the PNW
 and available anytime

 24 x 12oz UPC: 0-88919-82248-7
 CS=19lbs UPC: 0-88919-82249-4

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Div. Inorex Inc
23636 104th Ave SE
Kent, WA 98031

Box Size: 24.5x16.5x6.5
Cube Ft 1.5
5L x 7H
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