Savory & Salty

Cookies and Crisps

Parmesan Crisps
Deluxe All Cheese Crackers

More flavor per bite.
Pure parmesan, no fillers

Keto, very low Carb!
Parmesan & garnished with
Poppy Seed

12 x 4oz   UPC: 0-88919-82305-7
CS 3.5lb   UPC: 0-88919-82057-5

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 Swiss Cheese - Cheese Snaps
 with Parmesan

 Dense, moist cheese cookie
 with Caraway Seeds.
 Melting on your tonque

 Simple, effective
 Delicous, yummy

 12 x 8oz UPC: 0-88919-82321-7
 CS 6.5lb UPC: 0-88919-82322-4

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Garlic Parmesan Bread Chips
French Baguette goes to Italy!

Topped with garlic & parmesan,
then toasted in olive oil:
Delicious !

Crackers as an appetizer
or with wine as well

12 x 3oz UPC: 0-88919-82202-9
CS 3 lb   UPC: 0-88919-81267-9

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 Rye Garlic Bread Chips
 Going Seriously Dark (Pending)

 If you like Gardetto's
 you will like these
 Sinfully delicious

 Rye, worchestershire sauce
 onion and more spices

 12 x xoz UPC: 0-88919-82314-9
 CS x lb   UPC: 0-88919-81262-4

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South Tyrolian Schuetterbrot
Rye with Caraway

A south Tyrolian specialty
"Schüttelbrot" baked
in Seattle

If you like rye and caraway
you won't be disappointed

12 x xoz UPC: 0-88919-81293-1
CS x.x lb UPC: 0-88919-81288-4

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 Harvest Bread Sticks
 The Seeded One!


 Move over popcorn!

 12 x xoz UPC: 0-88919-81291-4
 CS x.x lb UPC: 0-88919-81292-1

      Label Soon
Seeds & Sea Salt Breadsticks

Flax seed, sesame seeds,
sunflower seeds and sea salt
Then toasted to perfection

A snack by itself or
dinner appetizer

12 x xoz UPC: 0-88919-81289-1
CS x. lb UPC: 0-88919-81290-7

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 Sesame 2ct Bread Sticks
 Restaurant Style (Pending)

 Have you restaurant sticks
 at home as well
 Wrapped in a 2 ct

 Great for school lunch
 or in between snack

 12 x 5.3oz UPC:0-88919-82594-5
 CS 10 lb UPC: 0-88919-82595-2

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Div. Inorex Inc
23636 104th Ave SE
Kent, WA 98031

Box Size: 11.5x11.5x8.5
Cube Ft 0.65
12L x 6H
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