Delicious Cake Cups

A Cake in a Cup!

Black Forest Cape Cup
With Cherries

Classic German cake
with whip cream

Soft and fluffy sponge cake
with whip cream and
a cheery fruit topping

12 x 4.3oz UPC:0-88919-82129-9
CS 4 lb     UPC: 0-88919-81316-4

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 Mango Passion Cake Cups
 Got Passion?

 Classic Chinese Cake
 Passion for Mango

 The inspiration for all
 Cake Cups. No mess, just
 a delicious single serve cup

 12 x 4.3oz UPC:0-88919-82131-2
 CS 4 lb     UPC: 0-88919-81317-1

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Strawberry Short Cake Cup
An Old Favorite Cake

An American tradition
at every county fair

Soft cake with whip cream
and strawberries in sauce
Spoon included of course

12 x 4.3ozUPC: 0-88919-82127-5
CS 4 lb     UPC: 0-88919-81318-8

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 Wild Berry Cake Cup
 With Black Current

 Long outlawed Black Current
 is back in America

 Corruption finally ended
 and the black current won!
 Enjoyed around the world

 12 x 4.3ozUPC: 0-88919-82130-5
 CS 4 lb     UPC: 0-88919-81319-5

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Div. Inorex Inc
23636 104th Ave SE
Kent, WA 98031

Box Size:12.5x8.5x5.5
Cube Ft 0.34
16L x 7H
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