Eastern Pastries
Filled Rolls

Single Wrapped

Korean Soboro Roll
With Peanut Butter

The streusel upper crust
with a lofty bun

The word "soboro"
is a Japanese word
for the streusel top

12 x 3oz UPC: 0-88919-82097-1
CS xxlb   UPC: 0-88919-82112-1

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 Melon Pan Bun
 From Japan

 A bun with a crispy
 thin layer cookie crust

 Looks like a cut up
 melon, or "pineapple bun"
 from Hongkong

 12 x 3oz UPC: 0-88919-82096-4
 CS xxlb  UPC: 0-88919-82119-0

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Asian Honey Castella
Very Fine Chiffron Cake

The bread from "Castile"
(from the Castle).

Now a Japanese speciality,
but originally from from Portugal
by merchants in the 1600s

12 x 3oz UPC: 0-88919-82093-3
CS xxlb   UPC: 0-88919-82116-9

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 Bavarian Cream Filled Bun
 West + East

 A close cousin of the
 whip cream filled buns

 Our special Asian dough
 will with the vanilla
 Bavarian Cream

 12 x 3oz UPC: 0-88919-82098-8
 CS xxlb  UPC: 0-88919-82113-8

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Green Pea Paste Filled Bun
Yes Green Pea

Got to taste it
to believe it!

An Asian specialty
but liked by many
aroud the globe

12 x 3oz UPC: 0-88919-82094-0
CS xxlb   UPC: 0-88919-82117-6

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 Red Bean Paste Filled Bun
 Rich & Flavorful

 Japanese or Chinese bun
 for all Asian to enjoy

 Our specialty soft bun
 stuffed with as much red
 bean paste as it can hold

 12 x 3oz UPC: 0-88919-82095-7
 CS xxlb  UPC: 0-88919-82118-3

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