Cinnamon Rolls

Deluxe Cinnamon Rolls
Delicious 9 PackSoft

The best cinnamon rolls on
your side of the Mississippi !

Enough rolls for your family
if you make it home intact.
Milk is always good!

18 x 20oz UPC: 0-88919-82326-2
CS 24 lb   UPC: 0-88919-82327-9

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 Iced Deluxe Cinnamon Rolls
 Over The Top

 Not that it needs it
 but, ok, here it is

 We are not responsible
 for over-eating!
 But we understand

 18 x 22oz UPC: 0-88919-82245-6
 CS 26 lb   UPC: 0-88919-82246-3

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Ube Cinnamon Rolls
9 Asian Rolls

The Filipino way
of making rolls

Enough for 9. Enjoy
the Phillipines without
a passport. Safer right now!

18 x 20oz UPC: 0-88919-82328-6
CS 24 lb   UPC: 0-88919-82329-3

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 Very Sticky Nutty Rolls
9 Rolls

 Adding caramel and nuts
 to a perfect cinnamon roll:
 Simply Delicious!

 Definately need more milk!
 Or 18 servings!

 18 x --oz UPC: 0-88919-81391-1
 CS -- lb   UPC: 0-88919-81392-8

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Div. Inorex Inc
23636 104th Ave SE
Kent, WA 98031

Box Size: 24.5x16.5x6.5
Cube Ft 1.5
5L x 7H=35cs/pallet
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